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Foto von Kursvorschau Designing Artificial Intelligence Application for Business

Designing Artificial Intelligence Application for Business

Course type: Blended Learning

Designing Artificial Intelligence applications for business is a course that helps you to translate your business Domain knowledge into AI application including generative large language models like ChatGPT and GPT-3. 

As we know, there has been a tectonic shift in artificial intelligence with the rise of large language models like GPT-3 and ChatGPT. Tectonic shifts create opportunities - in this case, more specifically, for people who are not from a coding background to learn artificial intelligence

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3.900,00 €
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Key Facts

Start time



4 weeks

Admission requirements

No admission requirements


€ 3,900.00 (net)


Capstone project and quiz




Certificate of the International School of Management

Workshop outline and modules

Session 1 & 2 Foundations: 

Session 1: 14.10.23 (Kick off, in presence, 10 am - 2 pm at ISM Campus Berlin)

Session 2: 17.10.23 (online, 5 - 8 pm)

In these sessions, we cover the overall foundations of AI and Generative AI. Amont others, we will speak about 

  • What is AI? 
  • What has changed with GPT/ChatGPT? 
  • Prompt engineering tools
  • Prompt engineering mindset

Session 3 & 4 Designing AI applications for business using LLMs: 

Session 3: 24.10.23 (online, 5 - 8 pm)

Session 4: 2.11.23 (online, 5 - 8 pm)

  • Using generative AI for translating design into code based on the main machine learning and deep learning applications
  • What problem to solve? 
  • How to keep solutions simple and doable
  • When to use fine tuning
  • Ensuring response accuracy and relevancy
  • Adressing potential ethical concerns
  • Advances AI models and architectures (ex: Auto GPT)
  • Multimodal AI systems and their potential impact

Session 5 & 6 Designing AI applications for business using LLMs: 

Session 5: 7.11.23 (online, 5 - 8 pm)

Session 6: 14.11.23 (online, 5 - 8 pm)

In this section, based on the above design ideas, we implement the following in specific business cases 

  • A workflow for generative AI applications
  • Developing co-pilots (AI assistants)
  • Generating code for AI applications

The Kick-Off Event takes place in presence. The remaining dates take place online. 

The course is characterized by a close interlocking of practical conceptual content with practical examples, case studies and other forms for direct application of the knowledge learned. 

You will first be taught new content and then have the opportunity to apply what you have just learnt on the basis of selected content in small group works. 

After completing the course, you should be able to: 

1. Develop and desing workflows for generative AI using the co-pilot first approach

2. Use generative AI techniques to generate code

3. Understand the evolution of LLM and the future of generative AI

4. Apply generative AI techniques like prompt engineering and fine tuning

5. Analyze and evaluate the output of generative AI

6. Apply LLM techniques to business use cases

7. Apply your knowledge to a project in a group

8. Understand the challenges, complexities and risks of generative AI and how these could be overcome. 

Capstone projects

The Capstone projects involve working in groups for one after the duration of the course. The case studies chosen are for learning purposes and should not contain proprietary / confidential information. The solution developed is for learning purposes only and is not designed to be a fully production based solution for a live environment.

Our cooperation partner: Feynlabs ltd. Holden House

Feynlabs ltd. Holden House works with leading educational research institutes and corporate R & D teams for implementing Artificial Intelligence. Feynlabs ltd. Holden House projects involve solving complex, interdisciplinary problems with Artificial Intelligence.



Ajit Jaokar

Based in London, Mr Jaokar’s work spans research, entrepreneurship, and academia relating to artificial intelligence (AI) with Cyber-Physical systems.

He is the course director of the course: Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations  at the University of Oxford. He is also a visiting fellow in Engineering Sciences at the University of Oxford. Besides this, he also conducts the University of Oxford courses: Digital Twins, Cybseecurity, and Agtech. Mr Jaokar and his team have been working with Generative AI pre the pandemic based on the Open AI GPT applications. Based on this work, he has been involved in transforming his teaching at Oxford using a 'co-pilot first' model i.e. to address the question "how would you develop machine learning and deep learning applications today by collaborating with large language models like GPT". Mr Jaokar has contributed to the World Economic Forum and the European Parliament on technology and AI themes. 


Sebastian Britz

Sebastian Britz, former CEO & Co-founder of DIGITTY, is a serial entrepreneur with 16 years of experience in business development and platform solutions. He has also worked as a startup advisor and venture capitalist for Impact Investments. At the age of 17, Sebastian already founded his first company (exit with 21). From 2019 to December 2022, he worked with an international team in digitty.io as CEO and Co-Founder. DIGITTY's AI solution- AI for Project Management- removes the complexity and unpredictability of digital projects. In addition to building various companies and an investment banking company in Switzerland which he sold to an US Investor in 2021, Sebastian Britz currently advises various startups in the growth phase as well as various fund companies in the US and Europe.




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